Girls night at Sierra, Westlands

We try and make a plan every week- try but generally fail- but when we do we always have a laugh. Boys, food and work are generally the topics of our conversations. Although this time wedding talk was on the table for recently engaged Natasha : )

Mads suggested that we try somewhere new, so at 8pm we all arrived at Sierra. Now, I never fail to look at the menu online before I go out- I like to have in my mind what I want so I don’t hold everyone up while I am trying to decide- I take forever and I always need a plan B and C as 95% my choice is not available. So in my mind, even though the restaurant is pricey, I don’t go out that often so I knew I was going to order the braised lamb, or the two way duck.

The restaurant itself is in an office building and is terribly sign posted- you need to be looking through binoculars to see it. I had to phone one of the girls as I couldn’t find it. Despite that, once I walked in I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t busy, but the decor is modern and sleek. I didn’t feel like I was in Nairobi, and the whole vibe was sophisticated.

We sat a large table (we were expecting the fiance of one and the boyfriend of another to come), but even though they didn’t, we still managed- it meant my handbag got a seat at the table too instead of being banished to the floor.

The waiter was right by us taking our orders and passing us the menus.


The menu was different.

It turns out that I must have been looking at the Lavington menu, not the Westlands one. This one was a burger joint. I suppose that it could have been worse and the menu could actually have been 10 pages long. Can you imagine?!

I narrowed it down to a falafel burger or a bacon cheese burger. Tick Tock. The waiter started with me. Bacon burger it was. I was in luck. I swapped the chips side for onion rings.

Food eventually came, and my waiter had brought me an extra plate of onion rings- assuming that’s what I meant. He was nice enough though and understood the confusion and happily took them back to the kitchen.

The overall experience I would rate a 7.5/10. It wasn’t the best I have had, but the food was tasty, the atmosphere was nice and the service was good. The excellent company is a given.  The only down side was the power outage. It went off 4-5 times whilst we were there- not for long- I should add, but enough that it did become a little annoying.

Would I go back? Yes, definitely. I would like to try the other branch though and try their duck!

Photo Credit: Rakhshan Butt



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