Let’s Taco About a Party

I am one of those annoying people that love their birthday. Dec 2018 was no different. I decided to do a make-your-own taco party for two main reasons: I could organise and prepare before hand so I wasn't going to be stuck in the kitchen all night and could actually enjoy my party It caters… Continue reading Let’s Taco About a Party


A bit of 4×4 time

This was not the plan. The plan was a picnic. The idea was to drive around, spot some animals, have a drink and a bite to eat and go home at sunset. Kyle wanted an adventure. I think he got more than what he bargained for. Adventure number 1: The roads were dry and we… Continue reading A bit of 4×4 time


Mr & Mrs. “Two souls but a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one” John Keats.

"Marriage means the union of 2 people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. " Rhys and Peta planned this day for 2.5 years. They first met in 2009 and ever since there have been sparks. Like all couples, they have had ups and downs, but ultimately, this led to a… Continue reading Mr & Mrs. “Two souls but a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one” John Keats.

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Stonebarn, Pemberton

Stonebarn, Pemberton A stunning location for a wedding. When I asked the Bride how many places that they had looked at and seen before deciding on the venue, the answer was one. They knew what they wanted. They wanted to be married in a forest, and that's exactly what they got. Stonebarn has virtually… Continue reading Stonebarn, Pemberton


A trip through South Africa

South Africa. Home of the Springboks.  Commonly known as the 'Rainbow Nation'.  11 official languages. Nelson Mandela. Wine. The Garden Route. Gold. Kruger National Park. To name a few. I have explored parts of the Western Cape (and was lucky enough to live in Stellenbosch for three years), and I spent many a family holiday… Continue reading A trip through South Africa