The First Trimester

Those first 13 weeks went incredibly slowly because we had hurdles to cross. We didn’t tell our families until we were at week 10 (I think) and we didn’t let on our secret to any of our friends until we were out of the first trimester. We were scared. But the only way that we (I) have been able to get through this, is by setting small goals. We took it week by week, appointment by appointment.

I think that I have been incredibly lucky so far in terms of symptoms. So much so, that I was convinced that I was having a son. I had very mild nausea but I only threw up once. My sense of smell was heightened and I could not stand the smell of fried foods (specifically bacon being cooked) and I had a food aversion to chicken and cooked salami. Being off chicken has been a hard thing as that was what I cooked for dinner 80% of the time- so I needed to start getting creative in the kitchen.

I was also very tired and by 4pm I was ready to have a nap. Unfortunately, I was in a play and rehearsals were 2x-3x a week from 7-9pm, so I had to muster the energy for play practice. It was rough!

Was it hard to keep a secret? Somewhat…. Mike and I are not super social people, and those that we do socialise with knew we had been cutting down our drinking and so when it came to going out for dinner, I just said I was driving and that I really was trying not to drink. No harm no foul, right? There are certainly times that I would have liked to spill the beans, but Mike and I were in agreeance for our own mental health, to keep it quiet.

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