Houtboshoek & Kaapsehoop

The drive from Johannesburg to Houtboshek is beautiful. Once you’re out of the hustle and bustle, you leave behind the stresses that come with it, and open fields and farm land surround you on either side. Giddy with love and excitement, Martin and I set off on the start of out holiday on the Friday morning, knowing we had to be back in J’bourg on Monday. We had stopped off at Woolworth’s for some bacon, eggs and wine- sure that we would get a shop or restaurant near to our accommodation.

The drive itself is about 3.5 hours, but we tend to stop at multiple petrol stations along the way! I can’t remember the exact times, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it took us longer.

We were wrong about the shops nearby. Closest small town was 25 kms, otherwise it was a 48km drive to Nelspruit. Bacon, eggs and wine for dinner it was (after a sundowner at the waterfall that is).


Our accommodation was divine. Caracal Lodge is located in the Houtboshoek valley in a fenced game farm. There is no electricity, but there is a gas stove/ fridge, hot water, a fire-place and LED lights. We didn’t need anymore. There are a few animals on the farm included a one-eyed blind giraffe (we didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him), a friendly pig that loves his tummy being tickled, ostriches, zebras and it is home to the Mountain Reedbuck and Grey Rhebuck. I would stay at this place again and would highly recommend.

Saturday morning entailed exploring Kaapsehoop; venturing into the oldest caves in the world (that will deserve a post of its own); and heading to Nelspruit.


Kaapsehoop, a tiny but beautiful town located on the escarpment. It very much has that ‘small town vibe’, where you get the feeling that those that live there, know everyone. We popped into ‘De-lightful Glass Works’ which is a small, but unique shop filled with incredible glass work. I got my mum a pendant and Martin bought me one. After a quick chit-chat, we headed for some waffles at the ‘Koek ‘n Pan’. Delicious. I paired that with a rooibos tea. Sweet dose done for the day!

Next stop was Nelspruit. To be honest, we didn’t do too much here other than stop at a Spar and get some food…and more wine… for our second night.

Sudwana caves were next. More in the next post!


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