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Kiboko Star Beds

This may have been on of the romantic places that I have been to.

Sleeping under the stars. Literally. Glamping, if you like. (Kind of).


Since I read about the ‘Star Beds’ many moons ago in a travel magazine, I had always wanted to go there. It was a place that was on a long bucket list of places to visit. So long, that I had forgotten about it. A place that I didn’t think I would ever actually go it. Not only because of the price, but because when you live in a country, you tend to not treat yourself to that type of luxury; you tend not to explore as much as you would another country if you were visiting there for a week or so. At least, that’s me. You may be different.

But my brother now works at the Loisaba Conservancy, and what better opportunity (excuse) to go up and visit him. My partner was in town, so we thought we would treat ourselves to one night here.


Fantastic. I hope you like the fresh air.

The African sky out here is magical. A blanket of stars above us for us to stare at endlessly. A bed, on wheels (with it’s own number plate) and a mosquito net, rolled out under the shelter of the day, to the openness and stillness of night. A unique, and special experience. Hot water bottles await as a nice surprise as you get into bed at night. IMG_7769

An open shower and toilet. The wall comes up to above waist height and then you are out with nature. Watching whichever animal’s turn it is to have a taste of the cool water in the damn. It’s a shower, and a toilet with a view.

The camp is surrounded by an electric fence, but that doesn’t block out the sound. The cry’s of hyenas were echoing in the expanse around us, and the sound of elephants tearing down trees just below us.

Food and Dining

The common area at Kiboko Star Beds is very small and intimate. There is the dining area which has one long table in the middle, and a table for 2 on the side; the ‘lounge’ by the fireplace has 3 sofas and a large coffee table in the middle, and then you have the deck which offers a table for 6, I think and some safari chairs were placed looking out. As you can see, the Star Beds hold only a few number of people.

The food was delicious. I don’t tend to eat roast beef very often (if at all), but we were served a soup to start off with, roast beef with potatoes and vegetables for mains. It was exquisite. For dessert was cheesecake; one of, if not the best cheesecake I have tasted. The chef was so talented. All staff were on the ball, were attentive (a little too attentive for Martin and myself, but that is nothing to complain about) and really friendly.

What will it cost you?

Email for more information

The verdict?

It is a luxury getaway and I would highly recommend it.

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