BBG- Week 1

Time for week 2 of BBG.

The BBG workouts comprise of 3 workouts a week, one session of LISS and a session of HITT. There are 2 circuits which are 7 minutes each, with 4 exercises in each. Each workout has 2 rounds of 2 different circuits, therefore your workout is a total of 28 minutes. They are exhausting and my arms or legs shake afterwards; but I’m feeling good, positive and already feeling slightly fitter.

As a child, your every day activities were exercise. When you were in school you participated in sports and p.e class. Maybe you continued a sport in university. Maybe you love working out and spending an hour + every day at the gym. Or maybe you find it more difficult. If you are one of those, you are not alone.

Over the years I’ve picked it up slowly and never really noticed it. I think it all started when I moved to Australia back in 2009, and I have fluctuated since. Over the last year my clothes have become too tight and I feel miserable. It took me going to buy a pair of jeans and neither of the two sizes that I fluctuate between fitting. I tried the bigger pair on (fit perfectly) and said “F*** it. I’m not not buying this size. I’m going to lose the weight.” But it took that moment of self realisation and self determination to make an actual change. A friend of mine is a huge Kayla fan, so I messaged her and we started the 3 month BBG programme together last Monday. We chat every day about our workouts and I have her support and encouragement to not give up.

I am trying to be a healthier person. I’m not drinking during the week. I am eating healthier than I ever have before, and I am trying to eat more vegetarian meals; any yummy recipes you have, please share!

I believe that unless you truly want to make a change, unless you are psychologically ready to make that step, no-one can force you to do it. And when you have come to it on your own, the motivation is so much higher. The need to achieve, to not fail, to see results is driving you.

So don’t give up if you still haven’t made that change. Work towards it- a little bit each day- and one of those days you will be ready.

I am not a yoyo dieter, nor do I really believe in diets. But this is my opinion. I believe, and many will argue, that you should have everything in moderation. I do not have the perfect body. My goal is to be happy in my body again and fit into my clothes comfortably. I absolutely love food and making and trying new recipes. To me, life is too short to sacrifice everything that you love. But if you are eating healthy, if you are exercising well, that pizza on Friday night is not going to kill you.

Live a healthy life, but also live a happy life.

If you’re lifestyle changes and you no longer want or crave your ‘cheat meals’, then that’s great.

Most importantly, be happy.

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