Toft Nook

I like to write accurate reviews. My intention is not to ‘name and shame’ or oversell. It’s to be accurate to help other travellers like ourselves. I base all of our stays off what other people have said. And, as with most places, there are pros and cons.



There was no problem with bringing our Labrador and all the open space for her to be off leash was perfect. There was no-one else around, and most importantly, no dogs. Which meant even though in heat, she was comfortable and not at risk of being taken advantage of! Once our trip had been accepted, the Airbnb page said dogs were an extra charge, but there was none. Not at this point at least.

Communication with Chris was very fast. The place itself had everything we needed and we were pleasantly surprised to find a coffee plunger, champagne glasses and a wine opener (items we don’t always find in Airbnb’s). The quiet was just what we needed; however, should the other houses on the compound be booked I feel like that may not be the case as all three properties are very close together.

The cottage was warm with under floor heating, and although the bedroom was warm, the floor was extremely cold. Remember to bring slippers!* The sunsets were also amazing.


The bed. A good nights sleep is what you crave on holiday and unfortunately this bed did the opposite. I have recommended that the mattress is replaced and the host has said he will check it out.


As long as you are happy being in what feels like ‘the middle of no-where’, surrounded by fields, then this is perfect. It’s quiet, it feels so free and serene. It’s about a 10 minute drive into the town of Leek where there is a large Sainsbury’s- very convenient to get any shopping essentials.

Although we didn’t try any of the places, the host did recommend some pubs in the area for food (And of course, a few drinks).

Overall, if the mattress is replaced then Toft Nook is a great place to stay.

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