Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage

For Mother’s day I bought my mum a ‘Ayurvedic hot stone massage’ at the Sankara Spa. Mothers day (and Father’s day) has been and gone, but a couple of weeks ago we cleared our whole afternoon so we could go. This is a rare occurrence.

Mum kept talking about changing the ‘hot stones’ for a normal massage, but in the end I convinced her and joined her for the same one.

From the moment that you step into the reception area you feel a sense of calm. The dim lighting, soft back ground music and the decor invite you in. “Ginger tea or hibiscus juice?”. We both took the juice. Delicious.

We were escorted by our masseuses to our massage room, where we were given a dressing gown and slippers to get into to. They left us to it and returned a few minutes later to start. We got on our beds and our 90 minutes of relaxation began.

The stones were a weird sensation to begin with. I didn’t really know what to expect- but I loved the warmth. The room was possibly slightly colder than I would have liked, but the massage was so good. I kept thinking that this small lady with tiny hands was so strong!

At the end of it we were able to sit in our room for a further 30 minutes with tea and enjoy the music and our lack of phones. There is a shower in the room if you want to get the oil off you.

Looking back on the experience, I am glad that I tried something new, but in future I will stick to ‘normal’ massages as it is constant- with this one they need to go back and fourth to the hot water that the stones are in.

Hopefully I can convince mum that maybe once a month we skive of work early and have a pampering session 🙂

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