How to pack for a holiday

Some of us are expert packers, while others of us are last minute packers who, 5 minutes before the taxi arrives at the house to take you to the airport, are throwing in the entire contents of clean clothes from your wardrobe; hoping that within that mess, by some miracle there will be an outfit (or a few if you are lucky).

I can’t say that I am either, but with each trip that I take, I think I get a little wiser. Having moved countries so many times before, and most of those times earlier than expected, I have had to pack and re pack and toss too many clothes than I can bear to count. However, with that experience paired with more frequent flying, I can say that this recent trip to South Africa, I did rather well.

With a suitcase full of gifts- my space and weight was limited, so some careful packing was in order. This is what I packed:


  • 1 x heels
  • 1x trainers (comfortable in case of lots of walking)
  • 1x flat boots (winter weather)
  • 1x black pumps (go with everything)
  • 1x sandles (easy, go with everything, in case the weather warmed up at the beach)


  • 3x jeggings (denim, dark green and khaki)
  • 1x leggings


  • 2x strapless tops
  • 1x t-shirt
  • 3x casual long sleeve
  • 3x smart long sleeve


  • 1x little black number
  • 1x summer dress (just in case!)


  • 1x pair (just in case!)


  • 2x cardigans
  • 1x hoodie
  • 1x coat
  • 1x feather down
  • 1x leather jacket


  • 3x bras
  • 9x knickers
  • 9x pairs of socks

Considering my clothes only went for washing twice during this 2.5 week holiday, I think I did pretty well. I did worry at one stage about short sleeve tops (it was warmer than I expected), and underwear (due to the lack of washing), and so I did buy a couple of items yesterday, but now that I am 90% packed for my trip home on Sunday, my suitcase still looks empty!

My advice would be to take clothes that can be mixed and matched easily and shoes that you will actually wear. Keep it simple and according to the weather and the type of place that you will be going. There is no need to take everything!

Another tip- invest in travel size toiletries to save space and weight.

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