Let’s Taco About a Party

I am one of those annoying people that love their birthday. Dec 2018 was no different. I decided to do a make-your-own taco party for two main reasons: I could organise and prepare before hand so I wasn't going to be stuck in the kitchen all night and could actually enjoy my party It caters… Continue reading Let’s Taco About a Party


Berg House, Bergville, Drakensburg

Breaking the journey on the way back to Johannesburg, we (Martin), found us a cute place in Bergville. The drive was pleasant and we got there while it was still light. We had no idea really what to expect; we had phoned several places and this was call number 6 or so. It was amazing.… Continue reading Berg House, Bergville, Drakensburg

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What to do in South Beach, Durban

I am a little biased. I spent a lot of my school holidays here; a grandma in Umtentweeni and an aunt and uncle in Port Shepston. It was fantastic. No matter how many times I go, I will always want to do the same list of things. So. Here is my recommendation to you to… Continue reading What to do in South Beach, Durban


Houtboshoek & Kaapsehoop

The drive from Johannesburg to Houtboshek is beautiful. Once you're out of the hustle and bustle, you leave behind the stresses that come with it, and open fields and farm land surround you on either side. Giddy with love and excitement, Martin and I set off on the start of out holiday on the Friday… Continue reading Houtboshoek & Kaapsehoop


A trip through South Africa

South Africa. Home of the Springboks.  Commonly known as the 'Rainbow Nation'.  11 official languages. Nelson Mandela. Wine. The Garden Route. Gold. Kruger National Park. To name a few. I have explored parts of the Western Cape (and was lucky enough to live in Stellenbosch for three years), and I spent many a family holiday… Continue reading A trip through South Africa