Camp Carnelley’s

Camping is not for everyone. I know we have established this before. However, there are different ‘levels’, or ‘types’ of camping. I would consider Carnelley’s in Naivasha, “Camping for beginners”. I say this because it’s easy. You can hire a Banda if the thought of sleeping in a tent is too much, or you can hire a tent, or pitch your own.

I always take my own.

The other reasons that it’s easy, is because there is a cool, quaint restaurant, hot water for showers, and flushing toilets. However, the toilet bit- well, let me explain. Carnelley’s is quite a large camp, and there are facilities on both the far left and the far right. Depending on what you want… read carefully.

If you are facing the lake, the toilets/ showers on the left are very basic. The toilet is a mabati (corrugated iron) enclosure, and the shower has no roof- so you have a shower under the stars. The far right facilities however, are in a concrete building and are more ‘modern’ in the simple fact of how they are set up. No star gazing in these ones.

Carnelley’s is also a quiet campsite in comparison to its neighbour camp ‘Fisherman’s’, which always seems to attract a raucous bunch of Nairobians for a boozy weekend away. No noise after 11pm at Carnelley’s (and even that is pushing it). If you want to ensure you hear the least amount of noise as possible, camp on the far right hand side.

You will find picnic benches at the camp and there are also a couple of shelters with tables for your convenience. It always tends to rain in the late afternoon in Naivasha, so I would highly recommend trying to get there before the heavens open. This last trip as I was putting the flysheet up it started to pour!

Carnelley’s is located down the Moi South Lake Road and is only about 100 kms from Westlands, Nairobi. Not too bad as a quick getaway. It’s even doable for a day out.

If you have a few days and you are using Carnelley’s as your base, you can do the following:

  • Climb Mt Longonot
  • Visit Nakuru National Park
  • Cycle in Hells Gate National Park
  • If you get up really early, you could even fit in a day in the Maasai Mara (about 3 hours from Naivasha).
  • Visit Crescent Island
  • Go on a boat trip

Please see below for Carnelley’s rates (As of today 2.5.17)

Lake Front en-suite Banda: 1-2 pax @ 8000/- inclusive of breakfast (Peak season @ 10,000)

Lake Front en-suite Banda: 3-4 pax @ 12,000/- inclusive of breakfast (Peak season @ 14,000)

Big Banda: 6 pax @ 10,000/- (Peak season @ 14,000/-)

Small Banda Caravan: 4 pax @ 6000/- (Peak season @ 9000/-)

Twin/Single room: 2pax @ 4000/- (Peak season @ 5000/-)

Double room: 2pax @ 4000/- (Peak season @ 5000/-)

Dorm rooms: 8 pax – Per bed @ 1000/- (Peak season @ 1500/-)

Per dorm @ 8000/- (Peak season at 12,000/-)

Camping: @800/- per adult and @400/- per child (Peak season 1000/- per adult and 500/- per child)

Boat Trip: 7 pax @ 3500/- per boat (Nb: 1 hour trip)

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