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What to do if you have a day in Brisbane

  1. Walk along South Bank – You can walk along the stunning board walk, past the wheel of Brisbane, through a tropical walk way and end up at a man-made beach and two swimming pools. There are toilets and locker rooms, sun beds to relax on, a life guard on duty and a restaurant and coffee shops nearby. Stack on that sunscreen and have a night afternoon out.

2. Take a ride in the Wheel of Brisbane- Adults $20, Students $17, children 4-12 $14 and children 3 and under ride for free. If you book online you can save yourself 5%. Special family and group rates also apply.


3. Visit the Queesnsland Musuem- Entry to this is free unless you want to go to a specific exhibition. It is not anything in comparison to the museum in London, but it was interesting to look around nonetheless. Open daily from 9.30am – 5.00pm. Closed Good Friday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Open ANZAC Day from 1.30 pm.


4. Pop into the Queensland Art Gallery- You will experience a wide range of different styles of art and  may find yourself staring at a few trying to understand the Artist’s thought process behind it.


5. Spend a few hours in the Roma Botanical Gardens- Make sure you have a lot of sunscreen on, a hat and a bottle of water. Entry is free and the gardens are beautiful. Whether you want to admire all the flowers, or walk through the ‘rain forest’ section, sit by the water feature, or throw out a blanket and sit in the shade of a tree- Roma gardens is beautiful and tranquil and lets your mind be at peace.

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6. Shop in the City- It’s not London (which is a good thing), but the City is big enough to take time to explore, but small enough to not feel like you are just going to be lost in a crowd. If you like shopping, take a walk along the main shopping street and step into the malls which hug either side of it. There are all the shops for your taste; from budget friendly to designer. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes along the way to give you that energy so you don’t ‘shop ‘till you drop!’

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