It almost happened.


I made the booking. I spent the night in anxiety waiting for 08.45. I hoped for bad weather but I was given sunshine. I paid. I met my instructor. I met the other jumper. I waited.

And waited.

And waited.


I waited some more.

I kept an eye on the time. We were heading to another hotel at 10.30 and the taxi had turned up early.

Eventually I was told I’d have to come back in the afternoon; it would be at least an hour for the storm to pass.  I didn’t have the time to wait. I cancelled and got my money back.


For years I’ve had skydiving on my bucket list. “Next time I’m in Diani”, I always say. I always chicken out. The previous time I made it as far as reception to ask about the price. This time I made it to paying and booking. I can’t say that I chickened out seeing as it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t jump. I did have a mix of emotions though. I was relieved that it had got cancelled and I was able to get my money back and I didn’t need to face a fear; at the same time I can’t deny a small fraction of disappointment. I had gotten to this point which has taken years to get to, and in the space of an hour, all that adrenaline and anxiety was for nothing. I know that I have to go through all that emotion again if I want to give it a go. Maybe I’ll love it. Maybe I’ll hate it.

I’m back in Diani in 6 weeks time.



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