Baobab Beach Resort

It was my second time staying at Baobab Beach Resort. It’s very reasonably priced, it’s good value for money and it’s right on the beach. The first time I went was in October 2014 and I went on a girls weekend with my friend Emily. We flew down and spent 2 nights and had a very drunken weekend:) (All inclusive hotel) This time, I went with my boyfriend, Martin.

Neither of us felt like renting a house because that would involve having to shop and cook. We wanted a hassle free week where we could enjoy ourselves. A week is actually a really long time at the coast, but after some persuading from Martin, I agreed.

We flew in on Jambo Jet and the hotel transport picked us up. I had originally requested the standard rooms but as they were sold out, we upgraded to the superior rooms for 5 nights and moved to the standard for the final two. Our room was stunning and looked out onto the infinity pool and the blue ocean. We were so happy to be together and be in such a tropical paradise.

The resort as a whole is very touristy and certainly caters for it. There are three hotels within the resort: Kole Kole, Baobab and Maridadi. Three hotels = three swimming pools. The infinity pool is the most popular as is regarded as the ‘party’ section seeing as the music is always blaring and there is an all day pizza oven going. The middle pool is generally nice and quiet, (when the water aerobics or water polo is not going on) and you get all day popcorn! The pool in ‘Maridadi is cascading with three levels, and is the most peaceful by far. Fewer kids, quieter bar and more of a chance to get a sunbed!

We partook is snorkling (to Wasini island and a glass bottom boat to the reef), woke up early twice to watch the sunrise, went jet skiing twice, ate seafood every night that by the end of it we didn’t want to see another lobster, prawn or crab and laughed every single day. It was magical.

However, the day of check out started bad and got worse. I broke my hairbrush in half trying to get a monkey out our bedroom (Martin was furious…not at the monkey… at me!), then we were given a bill for something that we had already paid for- but they seemed to have no paperwork that we had paid-, and we were kept waiting…and waiting. Eventually, after complaining that we had paid for the afternoon and nothing was happening, they let us go ‘enjoy’ and we proceeded to see how many doubles (gin and tonic and vodka orange) we could get in before our transport arrived.

The bad customer service has put us off the hotel (for now at least), but all in all we ate and drank our hearts out.

For a holiday that you want value for money, head to Baobab.

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