The Peak District- Day 2 (Three Shires Head)

"Take a rain coat" was the advice that many people gave us when we told them we were going to the Peak District. I had taken a look at the forecast and no rain was expected, but we thought it was better to be safe than sorry. They never got unpacked! We had lovely weather.… Continue reading The Peak District- Day 2 (Three Shires Head)


A bit of 4×4 time

This was not the plan. The plan was a picnic. The idea was to drive around, spot some animals, have a drink and a bite to eat and go home at sunset. Kyle wanted an adventure. I think he got more than what he bargained for. Adventure number 1: The roads were dry and we… Continue reading A bit of 4×4 time


A day at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Back in 2009 when I arrived in Perth, I  got to touch a kangaroo. I remember my heart racing as the excitement was kicking in that I was able to touch this  incredible animal. I remember my hands shaking as I knelt down on the ground to feed it. It was such a special moment… Continue reading A day at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary


Loisaba from the air

Located in Northen Kenya in the Laikipia Region, the Loisaba conservancy is a 56,000 acre wildlife conservancy and working ranch. The conservancy has more than 260 species of birds and 50 species of mammals and homes a very endangered species of Zebra known as Grevy’s zebra. It was hot, dry and in desperate need of… Continue reading Loisaba from the air

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What to do in South Beach, Durban

I am a little biased. I spent a lot of my school holidays here; a grandma in Umtentweeni and an aunt and uncle in Port Shepston. It was fantastic. No matter how many times I go, I will always want to do the same list of things. So. Here is my recommendation to you to… Continue reading What to do in South Beach, Durban

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Ocean Gaze B&B

Leaving the Drakensburg, I looked forward to getting to the warm, sea air of Durban. Seeing the sea (though definitely not swimming in it), I was excited to give my cold a chance to bid me farewell. We were spending the first night with my aunt and uncle in Hillcrest, and then were going down… Continue reading Ocean Gaze B&B


Lesotho and the Sani Pass

I was hoping for snow. There was none. Zilch. Zero. Nada. There was a frozen waterfall, however. I'll get to that. That was pretty epic. Getting to the meeting spot was a close call. I had underestimated how long breakfast and packing up in the morning would take, so we just made it; although, to… Continue reading Lesotho and the Sani Pass