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Review: The Sands at Chale Island

The Sands at Chale Island is the sister hotel to Nomads in Diani, Kenya. It's located 600 meters off the mainland. 10 km south of Diani and is the only hotel on the island. Transport to the island depends on the tide; low tide one takes a tractor, high tide it's a boat. Booking I… Continue reading Review: The Sands at Chale Island


Wasini Island with Pilli Pipa

It all started with Daniel. It was a hot, sunny day at Baobab when Martin and I strolled into the welcoming air conditioned office. A young man was sitting behind his desk, eagerly awaiting his next customer. As the sweat was cooling from our dampened foreheads, we told Daniel that we wanted to do a… Continue reading Wasini Island with Pilli Pipa