It took longer than we thought

In those sex-ed classes they give you at school they teach you 2 things: Sex without protection= pregnancySex without protection= STDS Now, there is no doubt that as luck would have it a very fertile 16 year old girl who doesn't really understand her cycle and how it works could in fact get pregnant that… Continue reading It took longer than we thought


The Peak District- Day 2 (Three Shires Head)

"Take a rain coat" was the advice that many people gave us when we told them we were going to the Peak District. I had taken a look at the forecast and no rain was expected, but we thought it was better to be safe than sorry. They never got unpacked! We had lovely weather.… Continue reading The Peak District- Day 2 (Three Shires Head)


The Peak District- Day 1

Borris came through and as of 12th April 2021 we are able to travel around England and stay the night. Whilst hotels are still a 'no-no', self catered accommodation is allowed and so Mike and I jumped on this opportunity. Two of the things that Covid has taught us is not to take anything for… Continue reading The Peak District- Day 1

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Ocean Gaze B&B

Leaving the Drakensburg, I looked forward to getting to the warm, sea air of Durban. Seeing the sea (though definitely not swimming in it), I was excited to give my cold a chance to bid me farewell. We were spending the first night with my aunt and uncle in Hillcrest, and then were going down… Continue reading Ocean Gaze B&B


Lesotho and the Sani Pass

I was hoping for snow. There was none. Zilch. Zero. Nada. There was a frozen waterfall, however. I'll get to that. That was pretty epic. Getting to the meeting spot was a close call. I had underestimated how long breakfast and packing up in the morning would take, so we just made it; although, to… Continue reading Lesotho and the Sani Pass